The Best Winter Activities in Tallinn

Ooh, I miss the times when all the borders were open and we were able to travel free!

Nevertheless, I hope the situation with a coronavirus will be over soon and everything will return to how it was! But for now, I wanna share with you the sweet moments from my before-corona trip to Tallinn!

First of all, I love Tallinn, It is magnificent, especially in winter! Covered With snow its medieval cobblestone streets look like something from a fairytale.

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a very old town dating back to the 13th century. Winter is pretty cold here, with average temperatures around minus 5 C (23 F) so prepare warm winter clothes.

My favorite things to do in Tallinn at Christmas:

1. Start by finding Tallinn’s best viewpoints.

Сoncur 232 steps of St. Olaf tower to see the magnificent view of Tallinn. Or visit the Toompea Hill to enjoy the Kohtuotsa and Patkuli viewing platforms. With snow, the city looks magical!

2. Have a walk around the Old Town.

Grab a city map and just stroll around the narrow streets and passages and admire the enchanting architecture. The city is rather compact so most of the sights in Tallinn are concentrated around the medieval Old Town.

3. Another stop is the Christmas market.

The Christmas market in Tallinn is one of my favorite in Europe! It’s located in the heart of the Old Town at the main square surrounded by historic fairytale houses. It offers delicious national food such as sausages, cabbage, potatoes, and strong mulled wine.

4. Skate at the Uisupark Ice rink.

This is the perfect way to spend the day and dive deep into the winter mood. Old Town outdoor ice rink is located beautifully near the Niguliste church and surrounded by colorful medieval houses.

5. Visit Christmas Organ concert.

I visited the organ concert at St Mary’s Cathedral and it was beautiful. I was truly lucky to get there, the amazing interior combined with mysterious music melted my heart! Another option is to visit concerts held in Niguliste church. To not miss a thing just check the current calendar of music events.

6. Drink mulled wine.

On the cold winter days, it’s just what the doctor ordered. But as I said before - mulled wine in Tallinn is one of the strongest that I ever tried, so be prepared!

7. Have a bite at Balti Jamaa Market.

This place is so cool in any season, with all kinds of food stalls, tiny food corners, and cafes. And you can find very special Christmas presents for your friends and family in vintage clothing shops and antique stores.

8. Get lost in Telliskivi creative city.

This is the area in Tallinn where the factory buildings have been repurposed to modern restaurants, art exhibitions, theaters, and small vintage shops. Get lost, choose a pretty place to have a coffee or beer, and catch a moment!

9. Have dinner at a medieval restaurant.

When to have heavy comfort food if not in winter? Restaurants like Olde Hansa, Peppersack, and III Draakon are very popular among tourists. Here there is the atmosphere of the real medieval tavern with candlelights and deep shadows moving around stoned arched halls.

What's your favorite winter destination?