Winter Bucket List

The Christmas season is all about living in the moment and enjoying your time with the family. Let’s talk about the ways you and your loved ones can have fun in the holiday season.

There are so many great winter activities that you can undertake. One of the best ways to make the most of the season is to prepare your holiday checklist and tick off as many activities as you can. But no rush, take it slowly, remember- being in a moment is the key.

Who doesn’t love the fresh pine scent of a lush Christmas tree? So let’s pick up a tree, decorate it and put beautiful presents underneath!

When you are set with the decorations, turn on Christmas music, put on your ugly Christmas sweater, and bake some cookies. That fresh out of the oven gingerbread scent – sweet, buttery, spicy – is simply irresistible and always boosts a mood. Don’t forget to add some cinnamon - that will make everything cozier and merrier.

Now is the perfect time to snuggle up under a cozy blanket with a glass of mulled wine and watch your favorite Christmas movie. Note to self: I should make a list of my favorite ones and post it!

Snow is one of the best things about winter. So why not go outside and enjoy it like a kid? Play in the snow, make a snowman, or build a snow fort, go skiing, sledding, or just have a walk in the snowy park. If you are a lazybones, go to the nearest cafe and watch the snowfall from the cozy inside - that’s perfect too.

And speaking about cafes and coffee shops, they are full of seasonal drinks and desserts. And there’s nothing like the sweet, comforting scent of hot chocolate to warm the bones on a cold day. Grab your other half or a friend and spend a couple of hours watching the snowfall and chatting about nothing.

If you are still not warm enough, sit by a rustic fireplace and savor the moment. It has to be the definition of a bliss! The crackling sound of an open fire comforts you like it's singing its winter lullaby. And now you are dreaming about the next day's activities..... board games, hot soup, snow angels...

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