Stepping into Christmas

I am on cloud nine when the Christmas season comes - decorating, baking, wrapping presents - ‘’these are a few of my favorite things’’- quoting a famous old song. So once December comes around, I’m filled with joy and I’m enjoying this time like a kid!

To dive into the Christmas atmosphere, I prepare my key Christmas items, which boost my holiday mood immediately and tingle all my five senses.

Lighting my IKEA Christmas stars in my window and shopping for fresh poinsettia plant is a must. As a crazy mug lover who has a cup for every occasion, I change my autumn Disney pumpkin-shaped mug to my favorite Christmas mug from Villeroy & Boch. I also have a spare Santa mug, snowman mug, etc. Some may say it’s a little bit too much, but hey, nothing puts you in the mood for a holiday season like decorating your home and enjoying your little traditions!

Then I turn on the Christmas music. I do it every day in the season (this can drive your loved ones crazy), but I just can’t help myself! There are numerous Holiday playlists to play with - from classics to Justin Bieber.

To please my sense of touch I throw fluffy pillows and blankets on the sofa to cuddle during cold winter days. By the way, don’t forget to wear your Christmas socks!

Now that the senses of vision, hearing, and touch are satisfied. Let’s go further!

For me, the Christmas season is associated with scents like cinnamon, fresh pine, gingerbread, and firewood, so I fill the room with heart-warming fragrances. When I light aroma candles they instantly make me feel happy and peaceful. Did you know that candles are the main part of Hygge? (Hygge is a concept of happiness in Danemark).

So now that we are good with the sense of smell and the music, lights, soft fabrics are ready it’s time to satisfy your sense of taste. No wonder baking Christmas cookies, pies, and drinking cider and mulled vine, is considered to be one of the main Christmas traditions. I also have my go-to recipes during this festive time, which I could share with you sometime.

There is nothing in the world like grabbing a great detective book and cuddling under a fluffy throw in front of the fireplace, sipping hot handmade mulled wine, surrounded by Christmas music. All your five senses are very pleased and you are fully immersed in the Christmas season.

Do you feel the Christmas mood?