Simple Illustration Animation

The art of animation mesmerizes me, the possibility to convert your visual pictures to stories is truly magical. With animation, you can breathe life into your paintings and create anything you want.

Learning how to animate pictures is one of the biggest wishes for me, so I guess I should include it in my 2021 resolution list. For now, it is a very challenging, but cool experience and I enjoy every step of it!

So here is my step by step animation process:

First I work out my idea in my head- what I want to animate, the colors I wanna use, and most importantly the action which I want to create.

Then the live painting begins, I draw a simple pencil draft. After this, I’m ready to add some colors and gradually create a watercolor illustration.

When the live painting process is over, the digital process is on its way.

I scan my work via an art scanner and make it ready in photoshop- process the painting, separate it from the background and create the separate layers, which I later would like to use as video frames.

Finally, I organize these photoshop layers into the desired sequence of illustrations. Adjust the length of time each frame will appear to give the impression of motion... and render the video and export my animation as a GIF.