My Secret Way to Feel Happy in Spring

Spring is a time of change and as all change- it brings with it a bit of anxiety. And sometimes your spirits and your body are not ready to adapt instantly to the new season.

If waking up with zero motivation and feeling lazy and sluggish to get out of your bed sounds familiar to you? If yes, you are on my team!

To lift your spirits in spring I’d like to share with you my go-to method. When winter is almost over I’m willing (and frankly do it automatically) to draw flowers- yes, it’s so easy!

I guess I use floral motifs because I’ve been missing colors in the winter and in this way I’m trying to replenish the color palette around me.

Early spring flowers, even painted on your canvas can bring warmth and joy of spring in your home. Bright splashes of color in the interior have a powerful impact on our daily life. And colors you love may give you energy and inspiration to shake yourself up after a long winter.

So this is my secret way to boost my mood in the springtime!

And even if you are not an artist and never hold a brush, don’t worry! You can always try something new, spring is a perfect time! Sign up for a class you’ve always been interested in but never venture into studying. Whether you decorate the table setting or arrange flowers or update photo frames- just follow your creativity and enjoy the process!

Share your mood boosters with me!