My Declaration of Love for Fall

"Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile”

William Cullent Bryant

Who loves autumn as much as I do? I love it like crazy! I love, love, love autumn. I’m really into the fall season! There are so many reasons to love it. Autumn colors are so beautiful! The crisp air, the gentle sunlight. Cozy layers, the apple pies and pumpkin spice!...And everything in between.

The nature begins to slow down it's pace. People stay home more, especially this year. That’s a reminder to be present and enjoy every moment. It’s time for a hot coffee or tea, soft blankets, baking delicious pies and enjoying fall foliage. Autumn has its very unique, special atmosphere: a little bit nostalgic and sentimental on the one hand, but very cozy and heartfelt on the other. There are still warm and sunny days when you can take long strolls in the park, but there are also days when you are in a hurry to find shelter from the rain in a cozy coffeeshop. I love the contrast of a warm day followed by a chilly evening.

Being inside while observing a rainy autumn view from the big window gives me goosebumps. There are even times when I know there is going to be rain and I rush from home to take the best spot by the large window in my favorite coffeeshop. For me, these are the moments for creative inspiration, I take my notebooks to write something down or scribble some ideas. There is something in the air that just feels magical. It’s something indefinable, it’s just a feeling...

Fall is also all about change and new beginnings, it’s a great time to start something new. So it’s logical my first post is happening now.

Do you love fall?