Last-minute New Year’s Gifts

Merry Christmas guys! The festive atmosphere is still here and while we are on holiday we could make someone happy with small but thoughtful gifts.

Nowadays it’s very easy to make a surprise from home. Printable gifts are very helpful because they are really easy to make and they feel like something you thought of weeks ago.

Etsy is of great help here. With lots of digital art items, it’s only up to you to make the choice. Here is my suggestion: you can print a jpeg file at home on a print paper and put it into a photo frame, voila! A beautiful present is ready as simple as this!

You can print it on paperboard or any other thicker paper, add your greetings and wishes and this will be a handmade greeting card.

Also, why not make a gift for yourself? You can always spice up your room with prints to make a merry decoration.