Sweet Magnolias

The main symbol of the coming spring season is the first flowers and leaves. They usually are very delicate and tender with mild pastel colors. In the spring the cityscape changes rapidly with blooming cherries and magnolias. In the parks, first crocuses and snowdrops are emerging from the barely warmed up soil.

That is a great opportunity to draw these flowers in plain air. Plein Air Painting (a French word for “outdoors") - the practice of painting pictures outdoors, a method that was highly popularized by the French Impressionists. Or if It’s still cold or rainy outside, and you don’t want to sit for hours under the trees in city jungles, you still can use the blooming season to prepare your references.

Go for a walk, grab a camera (or your phone, obviously), find blooming trees or bushes or flowers which inspire and attract you the most, and take lots of photos. Close-up photos are very useful, so you can study/examine all the details thoroughly later.

This is a great combination - walking on fresh air and practicing your creativity!