Sending Christmas Love

As you must be busy shopping Christmas gifts for your loved ones, how about giving them something special?

2020 turned out to be a pretty unusual year and we have mostly spent it in lockdown. Since most restrictions are still in action, maybe we won’t be visiting a lot of our friends during this holiday, that’s why sending Christmas postcards may be a wonderful idea!

Sending the postcards is a cute, long-lasting tradition that is in trend again. That’s a great way to cheer someone up, send your warm wishes, or just to say hello to someone you like.

Quick info:

The tradition of sending cards goes to Sir Henry Cole (the first director of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.) In 1843 he commissioned the artist John Callcott Horsley to create a design for 1,000 engraved holiday cards. These greeting cards pictured a happy prosperous family toasting the holidays with the caption - “A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You.” These were the world’s first commercially produced postcards.

With the development of printing technology and post services, the practice of sending Christmas cards bloomed. And by the 1880s, it became an important tradition around the holiday season for many families.

Last holiday season when it was cold outside and cozy inside (the most productive time for artists, I guess), I dived into the Christmas mood and created a few Christmas illustrations. Then it came to me - I love greeting cards, I collected them as a kid, and I love cute pictures - so why not making my own? And I made my first collection of postcards. Hurray!

Please enjoy!